Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mobile platform fragmentation is a problem...but not at Appguppy

With a wide array of protocols, standards, and regional differences by country, mobile platform fragmentation poses a serious challenge to brands with a need for a mobile marketing strategy.  Platform fragmentation is also one of the major reasons that the mobile technology, HTML 5, is gaining steady buzz as a possible unifying solution. Here at Appguppy, we’re moving beyond HTML 5 to provide a software platform that truly enables you to create a mobile experience on any smartphone, through any OS. But just how big a problem is platform fragmentation and why do we think it’s such a big deal that we’ve gone head to head with this issue?     

Mobile platform fragmentation prohibits market penetration: Compatibility with the top three or four mainstream native platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry) brings apps to barely more than 20% of devices sold. In stark contrast, compatibility with only two or three mainstream browsers reaches 80% of web users.  Platform choice can mean sacrificing the right customer demographic in order to save money.  And with limited engineering resources, that’s exactly what most companies are doing.  But we don’t think you should have to.  That’s why we’ve created a tool that can help you get your app to any smartphone, through any platform.  

App stores worsen platform complexity: Meanwhile, app stores worsen the platform conundrum: Each of the fifty-plus app stores available has its own developer sign-up, app submission process, artwork and paperwork requirements, app certification and approval criteria, revenue model options, payment terms, taxation and settlement terms.  All of these additional restrictions don’t just keep people from getting their apps into the stores, they keep people from monetizing the apps that they already have in stores.  At Appguppy, we solve this problem posed by stores by bypassing them to create a truly scalable solution to this problem.   

HTML5 is only part of the solution: While HTML5 is a technology that powers platforms to offer apps through browsers, it may solve only a small piece of the puzzle.  After all, different smartphones offer different levels of support for the implementation of HTML5.  At Appguppy, we’ve jumped way ahead of this issue by customizing our code to every single platform so that you don’t have to. 

One thing’s for sure, the mobile application market is on the verge of a disruptive change, fueled by the need for innovation that solves the problem of mobile platform fragmentation. And we’re proud to be pioneers on this front.

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